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Diamond tools are considered a real jewel of an in
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Diamond tools are considered a real jewel of an industry

The production of diamond tools has become an industry with a variety of products, fair production capability and vast prospects.

There are more than 20 diamond tool factories and research institutes today in Shanghai, Tianjing, Shanxi, Hunan and Xi'an.

These factories can manufacture more than 27 products with hundreds of specifications, including diamond glass cutters, wire drawing dies and saw blades.

Each year products worth more than 200 million yuan are sold domestically.

Thirty years ago, there was only two diamond tool factories producing glass cutters and tools for grinding wheels.

"With our great efforts, the country's diamond tool production has developed a lot," said Lou Jiulan, an official of the China National Building Material Corporation.

Some of China's diamond tools have reached the world's advanced standards.

For example, China has a saw that can cut asphalt pavement. It cuts 1,000 metres, 600 metres more than the products of the United States and West Germany.

Geology drills and diamond grinding wheels have been at the leading edge of world science.

"We are planning to export some of our products to earn foreign currency for buying diamonds abroad," Lou said.

Although China has three diamond mines, one in Hunan and two in Shandong, they can supply only 10 per cent of what the industry uses.

The grade of China's diamond mines is quite low. A diamond costing 5 yuan in a foreign country will cost 600 yuan to excavate in China.

With the characteristics of high precision, hardness and resistance to wear, diamond tools are used widely in machinery-building, metallurgy, instrument-making, construction and scientific research.

"We are still backward in production and research of diamond tools compared to advanced countries." Lou said.

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